Unit Test Results

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The following document contains the results of the JUnit tests.


[summary] [package list] [test cases]

Tests Errors Failures Success rate Time(s)
15 0 0 100,00% 32,000

Note: failures are anticipated and checked for with assertions while errors are unanticipated.

Package List

[summary] [package list] [test cases]

Name Tests Errors Failures Time(s)
test.junit.extensions 15 0 0 32,000

Note: package statistics are not computed recursively, they only sum up all of its testsuites numbers.


Name Tests Errors Failures Time(s)
AllTests 15 0 0 32,000

Test Cases

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Name Status Type Time(s)
testGetKeyWithBaseNameKey Success 0,000
testgetKeyWithBaseKey Success 0,000
testGetKeyWithClassNameKey Success 0,000
testGetKeyWithKey Success 0,000
testGetInteger Success 0,000
testGetUndefinedKey Success 0,000
testGetBoolean Success 0,000
testGetChar Success 1,000
testGetStrings Success 0,000
testGetByte Success 0,000
testGetShort Success 0,000
testGetLong Success 0,000
testGetFloat Success 0,000
testGetDouble Success 0,000
testParameters Success 0,000