The command line parameter "-t" allows specifying a test case name which will be the only one to be executed even if the test suite contains other tests as well. This feature is handy for monitoring the performance
The command line paramter "-e" forcing a System.exit() after a test tun was dropped again. For someone running the PPTestRunner within an application (CACTUS style) it is better to instantiate a PPTestRunner and invoke start() on it.
This release comes with a MAVEN plugin integrating JUNITPP with JPERFANAL


Upgraded to JUNIT 3.8 and changed the implementation accordingly
Moved the test invocation delays and verbose output into PPTestResult due to the changes in the TestRunner
Loading the configuration files does not consider the classpath any longer but uses the current directory and a few heuristics where the test code could be found for a mavenized project.
Extracing all JUNITTPP specific command line parameters before passing them to JUNIT as suggested by Dave Gray
Cleaned up the code so it looks no longer alien to me ... :-)